Bulk Fertilizer

Our bulk blending plant allows us to blend any combination of nutrients your soil needs.  We stock Ammonium Nitrate 34-0-0, Urea 46-0-0, DAP 18-46-0, and Potash 0-0-60.

We are also stockiing bulk Nutrilime DG Pelletized Lime.  This product offers a superior option to raise your soil Ph over standard agriculture lime.  Standard pasture application rates on this product are 200 to 300 lbs per acre, making it a more efficient choice for liming your pastures.  This form of lime will mix readily with fertilizer and will also flow though our drag spreaders.

We can apply the fertilizer with our truck or you can use one of our drag spreaders to apply the fertilizer.

Soil Sampling: A soil sample gives you insight as to what nutrients are in the ground and allows you to apply only the nutrients you are lacking in the amounts your crops actually need.  Contact us and let us help you collect an accurate sample, analyze the results, and form a crop nutrient program fro your soils.